TidySmart Organizing Solutions is a Metro Detroit based local owned business specializing in home organizing.  These services include decluttering and organizing all areas of the home to make life easier with less clutter.  We work with realtors and homeowners to prepare homes for listing which results in maximum profit, quick sale, and less stress during the moving process.  

Declutter and Organize – Room by room, drawer by drawer, closet by closet, all of these areas need to be sorted thru and organized to not only look amazing for your buyers but also help you only take things you truly want to your new home.  Why pay to move things that will just sit in boxes in your new home and never be put to use?  There are many ways now to sell items online so that you can put some cash in your pocket for unwanted items.  Don’t have the patience to sell these things?  Find a local charity that will take them off your hands.  There are non-profits that will come to your home to take away items they can give to those in need.

Staging – Most people think that staging requires you to have to bring in new furniture.  But you’ll be surprised that by using items you already own and just moving them around in your home, you’ll be able to create a new look in a room that makes buyers say “wow”!  Even adding a few new throw pillows or decor items can be done for a low budget.  Don’t have an eye for decorating or design?  There are many resources online such as Pinterest to give you inspiration. You can also hire a professional to help, which will reduce your stress in this part of your sell preparation process.

Deep Cleaning – If you haven’t done a deep clean of your home in awhile, now is the time as you prepare your home for listing.  Buyers will be looking at many details of your home as they envision this as their new home.  So making it as spic and span as possible is key!  Don’t have time or desire to do yourself?  Hire a professional cleaning company.  And make sure to keep up with the cleaning during the time your home is on the market.

Feeling overwhelmed about getting your home prepared for listing?  Contact TidySmart Organizing Solutions tidysmart.com at (248) 675-8822 or send us an email at info@tidysmart.com to schedule an appointment today.  Our services include organizing and decluttering, pre-photo staging, packing and unpacking for moves, selling unwanted items, and closet consultation and installation.