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Preparing a home for sale is a tedious, time-consuming activity that is stressful for real estate agents and clients alike.
At TidySmart Organizing Solutions, we simplify the home listing and moving process by making it easier to manage. TidySmart’s services include decluttering, pre-photo staging, and coordinating with home improvement vendors to get everything perfect for photos and showings.

How We Help Realtors

TidySmart helps agents get their listings to market QUICKER. Agents can focus on what they do BEST – selling and growing their business, NOT home preparation.

Agents can remain neutral, allowing TidySmart to deliver hard-to-hear recommendations. As a neutral third party, TidySmart can see the home through the eyes of a buyer and offer expert advice.

Providing your sellers with a Game Plan. Including a TidySmart Consultation as part of your offering is attractive to potential clients, and can help you get more listings. Our Consultation includes a comprehensive walk-thru of your seller’s property where we give them room-by-room recommendations on what to do so that their home looks the best for listing. These recommendations are then sent to you and your seller, along with the best game plan on how to get the home on the market and then move onto their new property.  From there, your client can decide what they’d like to do on their own and how TidySmart can make the work easier for them.

How We Help Your Clients

Is your seller feeling overwhelmed about the listing and moving process?  Help ease the stress by having TidySmart do a Consultation for them!  Our clients love our Consultations because it gives them a game plan on how to best prepare their home for listing, as well as executing the moving process.

Clients can choose to execute the TidySmart Consultation on their own, work with Tidy Smart in a hybrid manner to do some of the work on their own and have TidySmart do the rest, or engage TidySmart to do and manage all the work for them.

Accompanying the Game Plan are recommendations on how to sell, donate or dispose of any item in the house, as well as tips for making the move faster and easier.

We know how hard it is to find all the right vendors for the right projects. We will handle vendor coordination from A to Z to make things easy and as stress free as possible for your clients.

Interested in elevating YOUR selling experience the TidySmart way to and create less stress and more value for you and your clients? Click Below to Get Started

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