Our Top Three Moving Tips


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For many, moving can be an exhausting and overwhelming experience - but it doesn't have to be that way! Follow the three tips below to make your moving experience was smooth as possible!
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Tip #1: Decide What Furniture and Home Decor Items Will Fit In Your New Space

Whether you are downsizing or upsizing, your furniture might not always fit in your new home. We work with our clients to create floorplans for the new space to ensure the new furniture will fit. When you decide to part with certain furniture, we suggest either selling them, donating it to charity or simply placing on the curb. TidySmart helps their clients with all three of these options. This is a great time to refresh your furniture or possibly re-purpose it in a different area in your home.

For example, perhaps your old living room sofa will not fit in your new home, but you can repurpose it in your new basement. Also, take a look at outdoor patio furniture that could look or feel worn from being outside, to make room for new items. 

Tip #2: Purge Every Drawer, Cabinet, and Room Before Moving

It can be overwhelming to think about every nook and cranny in your home, but the last thing you want to do in a brand new home is bring clutter with you. You don’t want to pack things you aren’t going to use or pay a moving company to move things you’ll never use.

We recommend looking at these items and seeing what might be great items to donate, that someone else can get use of if you won’t be. She helps all of her clients with this part of the process as well.

It’s helpful to grab a bunch of boxes or garbage bags and set aside time each day to go through a different area of your home to avoid being overwhelmed in the process. 

Tip #3: Use A Professional Moving Company

Tidysmart works with several moving companies in the Metro Detroit area that are licensed, insured, and have a great reputation. They take great care of their clients, with excellent customer service. There are certain items that Tidysmart will help pack and organize with clients, and some that they’ll turn over to the pro’s.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a professional moving company, we believe it’s well worth the investment to protect your belongings and make sure they arrive to your new home in great condition.

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