TidySmart Organizing Solutions is Metro Detroit's Premier Professional Organizing Company

TidySmart is a professional organizing company based in Southeast Michigan. We help you declutter your home and get everything under control. When tidying and organizing seem like they would be overwhelming, TidySmart is here to help.

We started our professional organizing company in 2011 because we wanted to turn our passion for organizing into something that helps others. Since then, we have assisted clients across Southeast Michigan, transforming their homes into cleaner, less cluttered spaces.

Although we started as professional organizers, in the last decade we have expanded our services to include much more. We realized that organizing goes well beyond tidying a home you’re still living in. It turns out it’s also pretty helpful for people moving house, so that’s where we went next!


No matter what kind of organization job we’re helping with, our motto remains the same:
we want to help busy people get the most from their homes.

We appreciate that it’s easy to forget about decluttering with everything else going on, and that’s why we started our organizing business.

Core Values






A TidySmart Professional Organizer Can Help:

Establish Home Organization Goals

With your objectives in mind, we work to determine the best ways to accomplish goals using your existing space and how to easily maintain these areas in the future. Smart space planning increases productivity and promotes efficiency.

Coach the Process of Decluttering, Organizing and Disposing of Belongings

As a neutral third party, we help our clients address their accumulated possessions and decide which items they may want to keep, how to store and organize them, and where unwanted belongings can be sold, donated or disposed of.

Facilitate Problem Solving

TidySmart Professional Organizers can help resolve challenges regarding the best use of a home’s space and how to organize and store the items within it. We help our clients devise effective strategies for addressing storage problems, space issues and maintaining a clutter-free interior once we’ve left.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Clutter accumulates quickly and makes you less productive and efficient. According to the National Soap and Detergent Association, “getting rid of clutter eliminates 40 percent of housework in the average home.” When TidySmart effectively declutters and organizes a home, the living space functions better, saves time and is more comfortable to live in.

In short, if you have something that needs sorting out, TidySmart is here for you. As a professional organizer service, we can bring a fresh pair of eyes to your decluttering job, helping you work out what to keep and what to get rid of. And don’t worry, we’ll help you dispose of unwanted items!

If you need the help of a professional organizer team in southeast Michigan, look no further than TidySmart. We have more than a decade of experience in tidying, organizing, and decluttering, and we can help your home to look its best. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and see what we can do for you.