Take the stress out of relocating your clients with TidySmart’s move management services for real estate agents. Our experienced team handles every detail of the moving process, from planning and packing to coordinating the move itself. With TidySmart, your clients experience a seamless transition, allowing you to focus on closing the sale. Let us be your trusted partner, ensuring a positive experience for you and your clients.

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Streamlined Moves for a Smoother Real Estate Transactions

  • Stress-Free End-to-End Solutions: We handle all aspects of the move, from planning to packing and unpacking, providing a seamless experience for you and your clients.
  • Faster Home Turnaround: Our efficient move management services get your clients out of their old home and into their new one quickly, shortening the selling cycle.
  • Homeowner Peace of Mind: With our thorough approach, your clients can have confidence their belongings are in caring hands during the transition.
  • Your Reputation Protected: By partnering with experienced professionals, you’re providing a premium service that reflects positively on your real estate business.

person kneeling down and packing books into a box

Transitioning From Old to New

Moving Coordination

Our expert team coordinates every aspect of your client’s move, from planning to execution. This saves you time and provides a seamless transition, reducing client stress during a hectic period. We handle all the details so you can focus on your priorities.


Our efficient packing process carefully prepares your client’s belongings for the move. We properly label and inventory items, ensuring an organized unpacking experience. This attention to detail streamlines the move and presents your client’s new home in perfect condition.

Dispersing Unwanted Items

We assist your clients in deciding what to keep or part with, responsibly dispersing unwanted items through donation, consignment, or proper disposal. This decluttering eases the transition to their new living space, showcasing the home’s full potential to future buyers.

Unpacking and Organizing

After the move, we quickly unpack your client’s belongings and set up each room according to function. Our organizers create a stress-free living environment from day one, allowing your clients to settle in comfortably in their new residence.

Effortless Transitions, Elevated Reputation

For busy real estate agents looking to enhance their client services, partnering with TidySmart is an easy choice. We understand the importance of reputation; our move management service is thoughtfully designed with agents and their clients in mind. Together, let’s alleviate move stress for good, making the entire process feel like a friendly handoff. You can trust our experienced team to maintain your professional standards while delivering compassionate service.

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