TidySmart Organizing Solutions helped me accomplish in one and a half days what would have taken me one and a half years to declutter my home and get it ready for selling using all their helpful staging suggestions. Ultimately, I was able to get an offer from the first buyer. Amy from TidySmart helped me from the first step of sorting through and decluttering 26 years of collected items, boxing items for donation, trash, and saving, and organizing my closets and pantries and storage room along the way, and to the last step of getting everything ready for the quick movers to come in and remove those items. She very efficiently moved the process along, all the while communicating with Steffanie the owner of TidySmart to arrange for all my donations to be picked and larger items to be hauled away. She was a wealth of information and answered all my questions about selling my home and the moving process. I did not know this type of service was even available and it was definitely worth every penny!